California Lemon Law

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Generally, a car or truck qualifies under the California Lemon Law when it has a defect which the manufacturer or its authorized repair facilities have been unable to repair.  The manufacturer's authorized repair facilities must be given a reasonable number of opportunities to repair the consumer good within the warranty period.  For vehicles that qualify under the lemon law, the manufacturer must give the buyer his or her money back and pay off any outstanding vehicle loan balance. 

The California Lemon Law does not require any specific number of repair visits or service opportunities.  Typically, four visits for the same problem will qualify, but, depending on the defect, fewer visits may do.  On a vehicle, a defect as extreme as complete steering failure may only require a few visits.  In addition, if a vehicle spends a total in excess of thirty days at the dealer for warranty repairs, it may satisfy the requirement no matter how many separate visits were made.  Because the California Lemon Law does not set a specific number of visits, each case should be assessed individually.