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The Bickel Law Firm, Inc. is a statewide California Lemon Law firm with our primary office based in downtown San Diego.  We exclusively practice California Lemon Law cases and have settled literally hundreds of cases for full restitution under the law.  For more information about our firm, please visit our new San Diego Lemon Law Attorney web site.

If your vehicle has been subject to repeated repair visits for a significant defect, you may be entitled to restitution under the California Lemon Law.  In short, if the dealerships have been unable to properly repair a vehicle after a reasonable number of visits within the warranty period, your vehicle may qualify. 

Under the California Lemon Law, a qualifying consumer is entitled to recovery of his or her down payment, monthly payments, and pay off of the oustanding balance of the vehicle loan.  The manufacturer will be credited for the consumer's use of the vehicle prior to the first repair visit for the defect.  The law also provides that a manufacturer may replace the vehicle with a comparably equipped new vehicle; however, if the consumer prefers a refund, the consumer may rightfully decline the replacement and elect the refund.  

A third settlement option, often referred to as "cash and keep" is becoming increasingly popular.  With a "cash and keep" settlement, the consumer is paid a cash settlement from the manufacturer to release the claim, and the consumer keeps the vehicle to do with as he or she pleases.  Consumers who are concerned that they may be unable to qualify for new vehicle financing in given increasingly tight financing standards will sometimes opt for a "cash and keep" settlement.   

The California Lemon Law further provides that the manufacturer must pay the consumer's attorney's fees and court costs on a prevailing claim.  This allows our firm to take all of our cases on a contingency basis.  We do not charge our clients any up-front fees.  Our hourly attorney's fees and court costs are advanced by our office and recovered from the manufacturer at the successful resolution of the claim.  

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